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Ongoing Application For Africans: Live And Work Under The Church In Canada.

Churches in Canada to Train Unemployed African Youths In Canada|Fully funded And Monitored By Church


Ongoing Application For African -Live and Work Under The Church in Canada

There are generally two types of religious workers who seek entry to Canada to work. The first are clergy and the General applicants applying to work in Canada
This  programme is open to university graduates, from Africa who have a:
1. Degree of at least 3 years of study (Any University Degree);
2. Very good knowledge of English,Portuguese, French or German
3. Must be aged 18-65 years
4. Must be residing in Africa
Any request for support (including technical support) might need up to three working days to be treated, so if you contact us the last three days we cannot guarantee that the needed support can be given to you.
Log in and complete each section of the application form following the instructions provided on-screen. You do not have to fill in the entire form in a single session. You can save your entries and log in later to make changes to them, if necessary, and/or complete/finalise the form. You can also preview your application form in printer-friendly PDF version at any time during the application period.
Before submitting your application form, the system will show you its overview, as well as the sections that should be filled in. Once your form is correctly filled in, containing information in each relevant section, a “Submit application” button will be enabled. Once you have pushed this button, no further modifications can be introduced. Your application is now registered in the system.
A receipt confirmation will appear on your screen, along with your candidate number. Your application is correctly submitted only if you have received such number.


1. If you wish to apply, please send a copy of your curriculum vitae with a photograph.

2. No multiple application is required.

3. All application must be online on this platform.

All the interested candidate can check below on the best way to apply for the training.

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